Curriculum Course Descriptions

Listed below are the varied areas and components of our district instructional programming.  In Springfield Township, we use a consistent review, reflect, renew cycle to examine areas of curriculum over time.  Recent updates are included and incorporated.  Curricula is dynamic and shifting and the course and content maps are fluid documents.  Additional (new) materials may be added, reviewed or removed based on the individual student needs at the time of course instruction.  Additionally, this document serves as a framework for instructional planning.  Instructional plans are created at the class and building level. 

Each core course has an approved primary resource and/or teacher curated resources to inform the planning, instruction and assessment of our learning objectives.  Specific information on the way in which a resource is utilized in a particular course is best directed to the Building Principal, Classroom Teacher, or the Assistant Superintendent.  New resources are reviewed with the curriculum revision cycle.  

Families can request information from their child's teacher, principal or the Assistant Superintendent's office if there are particular questions about resources, content or skills being instructed in a particular course.  

Curriculum Guides

**NEW for 2022-2023**

We are pleased to share with you our new Elementary Curriculum Guide for the School District of Springfield Township.  This guide has been created by teachers, building leaders and central office administrators to help ensure all families have another window into the teaching and learning that is happening within our schools.  

We are hopeful this guide provides information about the learning environment, core curricula and resources we use in educating the students within our elementary schools.  If, after reviewing the document, you have additional questions or need more information, please reach out to one of us and we will be happy to help.

Elementary Curriculum Guide  

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Middle School Curriculum Guide

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