Curriculum Review Process

The School District of Springfield Township regularly and systematically examines curriculum and makes revisions to the planned courses of study as needed.  To organize this effort the district follows a curriculum review cycle.  Generally speaking, the cycle repeats every five years and annually addresses a core program (mathematics, science, social studies etc.) and a minor or elective subject area, such as art, music, or health.

Textbooks and other curriculum materials such as maps, microscopes and software are selected by grade level committees and departments to support the newly developed curriculum.  This selection process may also include the choice of text materials to best support the course.  Textbooks and trade books (novels used to deliver the curriculum) require approval from the board of school directors.

Common assessments (local assessments) are developed in the second year of review to specifically assess student understanding of stated course objectives.  Each item on the assessment is linked to state standards and/or assessment anchors to allow for regular monitoring of student progress.

The School District of Springfield Township aligns courses to the most current Pennsylvania Academic standards in the development of its planned courses and student assessments.

District Framework for Curriculum Review