School Board Members

Photo of Mr. Jeffrey Bedard

Mr. Jeffrey Bedard

School Board President

Jeff is a proud Springfield resident since 2006. The move to Wyndmoor from Philadelphia...

Photo of Mr. Michael Needleman

Mr. Michael Needleman

School Board Vice President

Mike joined the School Board after being elected in 2019. He is a trial lawyer by profe...

Photo of Mrs. Ilene Bell

Mrs. Ilene Bell

School Board Member

Ilene Bell joined the School Board after being elected in 2023.  She and her ...

Photo of Mr. Neil DiFranco

Mr. Neil DiFranco

School Board Member

Neil DiFranco was raised in the East Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia. Neil graduated w...

Photo of Mrs. Carla Greene

Mrs. Carla Greene

School Board Member

Carla Greene has enjoyed being a part of the Springfield Township community for more th...

Photo of Mrs. Amy Hubley

Mrs. Amy Hubley

School Board Member

Amy has been a lifelong resident of Springfield Township, a graduate of Springfield Tow...

Photo of Mrs. Sara Hughes

Mrs. Sara Hughes

School Board Member

Sara Z.E. Hughes has lived in Springfield Township since 2013 and is a parent to an ele...

Photo of Mr. Sean Jordan

Mr. Sean Jordan

School Board Member

Sean was elected to the School Board in 2023.  He and his wife have been a residen...

Photo of Dr. Karen Taratuski

Dr. Karen Taratuski

School Board Member

Karen was born and raised in Philadelphia and has lived in Springfield Township for the...