Social Services

Who Are Our Social Workers?

  • Social Workers are trained mental health professionals.  
  • They are the link between the home, school and community.  
  • Social workers strive to identify and remove barriers to students’ academic achievement, social and emotional development and overall well-being.
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Mrs. Lauren Foster, LCSW

Social Worker

Mrs. Foster started at Springfield Township High School as the Social Worker in 20...

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Mrs. Joanne Adar, LCSW, HSV

Social Worker

Welcome to Enfield. My name is Joanne Adar and I have been working as a social worke...

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Mrs. MaryBeth Seeley, LSW

Social Worker

Mary Beth Seeley started her role at Springfield Township Middle School in 2022. She h...

Social Workers Assist Families

  • Enhance communication between students, families, and schools
  • Provide advocacy for children and their families
  • Provide support to families experiencing difficulty with student attendance; work with the courts when truancy law requires
  • Link families to community agencies and social service providers
    • Resources for mental health services
    • Connect and referral to community programs
    • Referral to substance abuse resources/programs
    • Information on housing, clothing, food resources and utility assistance
    • Information on medical insurance and health care
    • Free & Reduced Lunch Program
    • Assist parents in accessing supports and programs for students with special needs.
  • Assist families that are homeless or in insecure housing
  • Assist parents in accessing supports and programs for students with special needs.

Social Workers Assist Students and Schools

  • Work with individuals or groups of students to access appropriate supports
  • Provide crisis intervention (assessment, response and support) to students, families and schools
  • Attend school team meetings to assist with assessment and intervention in areas of mental health and social and emotional well being
  • Provide staff development around issues including:
    • Mental health concerns, social-emotional learning, crisis response
  • Consult with families and staff to provide positive behavioral intervention strategies for specific student needs and challenges
  • Facilitate transition meetings when students are returning to school from an extended leave

Social Work in the Community

  • Our Coffee & Conversation Series is developed by our social work team to provide expert speakers on issues of concern to our students, families and community including:
    • Anxiety Reduction
    • Enhanced Family Closeness and Communication
    • Suicide Awareness and Prevention
    • Recognizing and Responding to Depression
    • Navigating Social Media and Technology
  • Our social workers partner with local resources to run program that support students and families.  These include:
    • Thanksgiving Meals
    • Holiday Gift Giving
    • Clothing and Coat Collections
  • The social work team is pleased to partner with the EEHSP and Home and School Programs across the district.  These programs provide support to enable our team to respond to areas of need in our schools and community.  Thank you to these organizations and all of our students and families that support them with their time, resources and care.