In an effort to provide physical separation between students whenever possible, we are strongly recommending the families who have the ability to drive their children to school, or who live close enough to walk or bike to school, choose to do so for the foreseeable future. This choice generously aides in providing the safest environment possible on the school bus for our students that would otherwise lack access to their education. Please be aware that face masks/coverings must be worn at all times on the bus, including while boarding or disembarking.

The District operates a fleet of over 50 buses and transports school aged residents of Springfield Township to our four public schools, as well as a number of private and parochial schools around the Philadelphia region each school day.

For general transportation inquiries, please call 215-233-6095 or email and our first available staff member will assist you.

Please remember that students are required to be outside and visible at their bus stop 5 minutes prior to their scheduled pickup time

General Inquries:


Mr. Nathan Bray

Director of Transportation

Nathan began his career in pupil transportation as a school bus driver for his local di...

Mr. LaRon Kent


Ms. Evey Ramos

Administrative Assistant