The mission of the Facilities Department is to ensure the best learning environment for our students. We pride ourselves on creating a safe, clean and well-maintained environment for the students and our staff. In addition to the building and grounds upkeep, the department is responsible for long-range planning, renovation and new construction as well as oversight of the capital improvement projects. We will strive to insure the best practices in our pursuit of upstanding service to the students, staff, administrators and community.

If you are interested in using the facilities for a school or community activity please download the necessary paperwork below Included are Board of Education Administrative Regulations for the Use of Buildings and Grounds, Procedures for Building and Grounds Use and fee schedules. Please read all documents thoroughly. By submitting a schedule request in Facilities Direct you are stating that you have read and understand our district policies and regulations regarding facilities usage; you will be responsible for complying with all building and grounds use regulations.

Please note the primary purpose of the facilities is to support the education of the students and as such cannot permit non-school activities to interfere with that purpose. In all cases, school related activities shall have priority of use of all facilities

Safety Concerns

If you have a concern about a possible safety issue in or around our buildings, please download and complete the Safety Concern Referral Form.