About Dr. Yannacone

Dr. Maryjo Yannacone

Dr. Yannacone has been a professional educator and school community leader for thirty-four years. She was educated in Delaware County at Saint Mary Magdalen School, Cardinal O’Hara High School, and Villanova University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Education in 1990 and Master of English in 1994. In 2008 she completed her Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership at Widener University.  Her dissertation focused on the impact of sustained professional development of teachers on achievement of students from historically-underrepresented populations. Dr. Yannacone’s professional career began in 1990 as a teacher of English, first at Penncrest High School and then Marple Newtown High School in Delaware County, PA. During her tenure as a classroom teacher, she developed strong skills in collaboration and leadership as a grade-level chair, an athletic coach, and President of the Marple Newtown Education Association. 

Dr. Yannacone joined Strath Haven High School in September 2003 as an Assistant Principal, where she enhanced her knowledge and aptitude in curriculum development by implementing writing-across-the-curriculum, reading, and technology initiatives. As the Principal of Strath Haven High School from 2005-2018, Dr. Yannacone created a vision for her school community that combined outstanding educational experiences with strong expectations for personal character and public service. She created a professional climate that encouraged innovation and collaboration, along with ongoing focus on continuous improvement. In December 2016, Dr. Yannacone assumed the dual role of High School Principal and Assistant to the Superintendent for Equity and Achievement.  

In 2018 Dr. Yannacone joined Springfield Township as Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction.  She revised the Curriculum Review Cycle and led the Curriculum Subcommittee for Equitable Practices in bringing Social Justice Standards to the curriculum review process.  In 2019 Dr. Yannacone led the development and submission of the SDST Comprehensive Plan and the Act 339 Plan to PDE.  

In December 2020 Dr. Yannacone began her tenure as Superintendent of Schools for The School District of Springfield Township.  She is primarily focused on maintaining equitable access to student learning, raising expectations for student achievement, and developing a strategic vision for community engagement and commitment to public schools.  A strong proponent of personalized learning and the importance of student, staff and community voice, Dr. Yannacone’s vision is to build a school community of growth and caring rooted in equitable practices.