Federal Programs - Title I

Overview of Title I

Title I is a federally funded program created to provide children with supplemental educational assistance. Supplemental reading intervention is provided in a small group setting to improve student achievement. Highly qualified teachers provide intensive instruction, using a research-based intervention approaches to strengthen reading skills. The goal of Title I is high-quality education for every child. The program provides extra help to students who need it most; those students who are furthest from meeting the standards the state has set for all children. The program serves millions of children each year. Most school districts participate. Title I can serve children in both public and private school. At Springfield, we provide targeted assistance for students in grades K-2 in reading.

Student Identification Process

The school district must establish multiple, educationally related, objective criteria to determine eligibility. Selection criteria may be based on several of the following assessments:

  • Acadience Reading (formerly DIBELS, K-2)
  • Sight Word Recognition (K & 1)
  • Guided Reading Benchmarks (K-2)
  • Kindergarten letter/sound recognition (K)
  • STAR Reading Performance (2)
  • Teacher Recommendations

Home and School Partnerships
Home-School Compact

The Home-School Compact details an agreement between the teacher, student and parents/caregivers describing the roles and responsibilities of each person. The Home-School Compact is sent each year that the student qualifies for the Title I program.

Title I Parent and Family Involvement Plan

The School District of Springfield Township invites families to become actively involved in the Title I program. The plan was jointly developed between faculty, administrators, and families and is reviewed and revised annually.

The District Shall:

  • inform parents and families of their child's eligibility for Title I services
  • conduct an annual Open House inform parents and families of the Title I programs
  • conduct informative family meetings and workshops
  • conduct parent/teacher conferences sharing assessments results
  • conduct a family needs assessment survey

Title I Staff

Parent Information Documents

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