English Language Development

The School District of Springfield Township’s English Language Development (ELD) Program is designed to support students who speak languages other than English.  The ultimate goal is to provide English learners (ELs) with opportunities to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills equal to native speakers of English in order to facilitate their entry into the social aspects of the school community so that they can be successful in school and life.

Program Goals

The School District of Springfield Township will:

  • Comply with applicable federal and state laws and policies
  • Disseminate information from the state to educators/administrators
  • Ensure the proper identification of ELs
  • Ensure the accurate reporting of ELs in PIMS
  • Complete the English Learner Reporting System (ELRS)
  • Ensure the proper instructional placement of ELs based on their proficiency levels
  • Develop and maintain the language instruction educational program (LIEP)
  • Coordinate the annual language proficiency testing (ACCESS for ELLs®)
  • Coordinate Title III grant applications and district Title III activities
  • Coordinate professional development for ELD and general education teachers in order to understand the educational, cultural, and linguistic complexities of the many cultures of ELs
  • Analyze data concerning ELs and develop action plans to address areas of concern
  • Maintain ongoing records of student progress that serve to inform teachers
  • Communicate on a regular basis with content teachers to ensure maximum learning opportunities for ELs by using accommodations
  • Ensure a process for reclassifying students in accordance with the state-defined criteria
  • Ensure that parents are provided with information as required by federal and state regulations
  • Develop an effective family and community engagement program that supports strong, sustained, two-way communication among teachers, administrators, parents, and students
  • Establish and maintain an effective transition plan for students new to our district