Photo of Dr. MaryJo Yannacone

Dr. MaryJo Yannacone


Dr. Yannacone has been a professional educator and school community leader for over thi...

Photo of Dr. Damian Johnston

Dr. Damian Johnston

Assistant Superintendent

Dr. Damian B. Johnston (preferred pronouns:  she/her)  was appointed as the d...

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Photo of Dr. Meghan Dennis

Dr. Meghan Dennis

Director of Student Services

Prior to joining us in Springfield Township, Dr. Dennis worked in the Downingtown Area ...

Photo of Dr. Michelle Lutz

Dr. Michelle Lutz

Director of Support Services

Dr. Lutz received her Bachelor’s Degree in political science from Albright C...

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Photo of Ms. Nicolle Schrage

Ms. Nicolle Schrage

Supervisor of Special Education

Nicolle is a long-time Spartan!  She’s served our district for eighteen year...

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Photo of Ms. Emily Kehr

Ms. Emily Kehr

Director of Human Resources

Emily Kehr is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a B.A. degree in Psychol...

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Photo of Ms. Cara A. Green

Ms. Cara A. Green

Business Administrator / Board Secretary

Cara A. Green was appointed as SDST’s Business Manager in January 2021.  She...

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Photo of Ms. Samantha Genco

Ms. Samantha Genco

Assistant Business Administrator / Board Treasurer

Samantha Genco was appointed as the Assistant Business Administrator in January 2022. P...

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Stephen Chinta

Mr. Stephen Chinta

Supervisor of Campus Safety & Operations

Stephen Chinta was appointed as the Supervisor of Campus Safety and Operations in Septe...

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Photo of Mr. Craig Thorne

Mr. Craig Thorne

Director of Operations

Craig began at Springfield in May of 2012. Craig comes to us with 18 years of faci...

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Photo of Mr. Nathan Bray

Mr. Nathan Bray

Director of Transportation

Nathan began his career in pupil transportation as a school bus driver for his local di...

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Photo of Mr. Brandon Lutz

Mr. Brandon Lutz

Director of Technology

Brandon Lutz is excited to join the School District of Springfield Township team as the...

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