About Springfield Township Safe Schools

Blue background that reads Safe Schools: Safe School Actions at the School District of Springfield Township with images of fire extinguishers and a person writing

The School District of Springfield Township is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for our students and staff members.  To  that end, the district partners with outside agencies, including law enforcement, fire services, and county safe schools management, to ensure that we are engaging in best practices for school safety.

Throughout the school year, staff members and students participate in monthly drills and receive training and information on a variety of safe schools scenarios.  Administrators work cooperatively to standardize procedures across the district, to update practices as necessary, and to provide constructive feedback on real world situations.  

The district currently employs a Supervisor of Campus Security, Mr. Stephen Chinta, who is responsible for overseeing the safe school systems to ensure that our school environment is aligned to local, state, and federal best practices. This includes not only secure entrances at each building, visible security guards at the secondary level and training in emergency response, but also mental health staff and resources from the community to support our students, staff and families. 

SDST Safe Schools Annual Family and Community Presentation

The School District of Springfield Township is pleased to present our annual Safe Schools presentation for families and community members. This video highlights the proactive and preventative measures that the district takes to ensure that all students and staff members are able to learn and work in a safe and secure environment.  Additional information is provided about developmentally appropriate drill activities, conducted monthly, at all school buildings to help prepare students and staff should an emergency situation arise.  We hope you will take a few minutes to view this important information and learn more about safe schools in Springfield Township