Business Office

Photo of Ms. Cara A. Green

Ms. Cara A. Green

Business Administrator / Board Secretary

Cara A. Green was appointed as SDST’s Business Manager in January 2021.  She...

Photo of Mrs. Elizabeth Vogelbacker

Mrs. Elizabeth Vogelbacker

Accounts Payable

Photo of Ms. Samantha Genco

Ms. Samantha Genco

Assistant Business Administrator / Board Treasurer

Samantha Genco was appointed as the Assistant Business Administrator in January 2022. P...

Photo of Mr. Stephen Cutcher

Mr. Stephen Cutcher


Photo of Mrs. Susan Holman

Mrs. Susan Holman

Food Service / Business Office Administrative Assistant

Photo of Mrs. Christine Majewski
Photo of Mrs. Debora Scholl

Mrs. Debora Scholl

Administrate Assistant to Business Administrator and Assistant Business Administrator