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Springfield Township Middle School Staff Directory

Mr. Zachary Fuller


Mr. Fuller has been the principal of Springfield Township Middle School since 2017. He ...

Mr. Jason Pane

Assistant Principal

Mr. Pane has been in Springfield Township School District since 2008. He...

Mrs. Kieran Brady

Assistant Principal / Athletic Director

Mrs. Brady has been the Assistant Principal / Athletic Director of Springfield Township...

Mrs. Amy Wuillermin

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Suzanne Neubeck

Administrative Assistant / Athletic Secretary

Ms. Elizabeth Weizman


 I've been at STMS since 2016. Prior to joining SDST, I was a school coun...

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Ms. Cathleen Dougherty


Hello! My name is Cathleen Dougherty.  For the past twenty-plus years, I have work...

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Mr. Joshua McHugh

Middle School Technical Support Specialist

Mrs. Judy Smith


Hello, my name is Judy Smith and I am the 8th Grade Counselor at STMS. For the first ni...

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Mrs. Sonia Andre-Borges

8th Grade ELA

I began working for the Springfield Township School District in the fall of 1998. I tea...

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Mr. Matthew Barlow

MS Music, 6th Grade Band, Jazz Spartans

Mr. Barlow proudly leads the 6th grade band and the Jazz Spartans, a 6-8 jazz ensemble....

Mrs. Kelly Bechtel

Instructional Coach

Kelly Bechtel has been teaching and coaching in grades 1-8 since 2000. She earned her B...

Ms. Daphney Beltramo

7th Grade ELA & Gifted Support

My name is Daphney Beltramo, I started at STMS in 2018. Before STMS, I taught for four ...

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Mrs. Amy Benton

Music and Chorus

Mrs. Benton has been teaching general and choral music in SDST since 2014. Before comin...

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Ms. Erin Bloom


My name is Erin Bloom, and I am the Middle School Librarian. In the past, I have t...

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Ms. Sarah Bower

6th Grade Math

Sarah Bower grew up a few towns over in Lansdale, PA and graduated from North Penn High...

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Dr. Greg Brasco


Ms. Carol Breen

6th Grade ELA & SS

I am one of the Language Arts and Social Studies teachers in 6th grade. You may also fi...

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Mrs. Cory Brugger

6th Grade ELA

My name is Cory Brügger and I am a 6th grade ELA teacher at Springfield Township M...

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Mr. Floyd Butler

Physical Education & Health

Hello, my name is Floyd A. Butler and I am an educator in the School District of Spring...

Mr. Gregory Cannon

6th Grade SS & Science

After graduating college with a degree in Kinesiology, I quickly realized I wanted to p...

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Mr. Patrick Coady

7th Grade SS

In terms of education, I am a summa cum laude graduate of Bucknell University, with a b...

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Miss Megan Conley


I have always wanted to be a teacher. I graduated from Arcadia University in 2016 with ...

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Ms. Marissa Conover

8th Grade Special Education

I am originally from Monmouth County, NJ. I attended West Chester University where I go...

Mrs. Rebecca Cwiklinski

Occupational Therapist

Mrs. Rebecca Cwiklinski is the Occupational Therapist who provides both direct and cons...

Mrs. Larken Doggett

6th Grade ELA

I teach 6th grade ELA and look forward to the many creative and authentic writing-based...

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Ms. Anne Dougherty

Special Education

After graduating from Loyola University New Orleans, I began my career in education at ...

Mrs. Melissa Eife

Health & PE

I graduated from the University of Delaware and played field hockey and lacrosse there....

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Mrs. Mary Evans

8th Grade Math

I grew up in Norristown, and I lived in Blue Bell during my college years. I completed ...

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Mr. John Fears

6th Grade SS & Science

Growing up in Murrysville, PA, I attended the Franklin Regional School District.  ...

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Mrs. Lauren Foster, LCSW

Social Worker

Mrs. Foster started at Springfield Township High School as the Social Worker in 20...

Mrs. Ariel Franks


About me: After high school, I was very curios about the world and how it worked, espec...

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Mr. Andre Freeman

7th Grade Science

In 2014 my wife and I moved to the east coast from sunny California. I am a graduate fr...

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Mr. Quyntyn Gaston

Special Education

Hello, my name is Quyntyn Gaston and I am a middle school special education teacher at ...

Mr. Kevin Grummun


My name is Kevin Grummun.  I have been an art teacher at Springfield Township Midd...

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Mrs. Elizabeth Gutshall

7th Grade Math

I am a graduate from West Chester University earning my Bachelor's in Elementary Ed...

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Mr. Ian Hammond

Special Education

Hello families of Springfield Township! My name is Ian Hammond, I grew up in Chambersbu...

Mrs. Kelsey Hansen

Special Education

Mr. Andre Hayes

7th Grade Math

Welcome to a new school year at Springfield Middle School!  I look forward to a ve...

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Mrs. Maria Heller

Emotional Support

Mr. Joshua Hibbs

8th Grade SS

Mr. Patrick Kelly

Social Studies

I started at Springfield Township Middle School in 2016 and have loved being a part of ...

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Mrs. Yamila Kent


¡Hola! My name is Señora Kent.  I started teaching Spanish in 2000...

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Mrs. Megan Klaiss

Academic Support

I am currently teaching Academic and Itinerant Support. I came from New York with five ...

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Mrs. Natalie Laign

7th Grade ELA

I am very excited to be teaching 7th grade ELA again. Before starting at Springfield, I...

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Mrs. Aviva Leib

Special Education

My name is Ms. Aviva Leib and I am so excited to be back teaching in the Springfield To...

Mr. Jerry Leistrum

Middle School Nurse

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Mr. Jean Manga


I was born and grew up in Senegal (West- Africa). Senegal was a French colony until it ...

Mr. Kevin Martin


Schöne Grüße! Here you can find access to the student resources...

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Mr. John Massucci

Health & PE

Currently, I am teaching 6th and 7th Grade Physical Education, 6th Grade Health, 8th Gr...

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Mrs. Nicole Miles

6th Grade Math

Mrs. Zakieh Moussa

Middle School Nurse

It's my pleasure to serve as the Certified School Nurse at Springfield Township Mid...

Mrs. Sara Noce


My name is Sara Sweeney Noce and I am the 6th, 7th and 8th grade STEM (Science, Technol...

Mrs. Taylor Pellegrini

Social Studies

Mrs. Pellegrini is a full-time Social Studies teacher who teaches 6th grade Social...

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Mrs. Nadia Penza

Reading Support

I grew up in the Washington, D.C. area and attended graduate school at the American Uni...

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Miss Christina Photiades


I began teaching within the School District of Springfield Township in the fall of 2021...

Mrs. Lori Pinelli

7th & 8th Grade Math

I began teaching at Springfield Middle School in 2003. Previously I taught in the Brist...

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Mrs. Dana Ruderman

Speech Therapist

Mrs. Megan Saraceno

8th Grade ELA

My name is Mrs. Saraceno, and I teach English at Springfield Township Middle School. I ...

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Ms. Amanda Sheehan

Autistic Support

I began my career in education by attending undergraduate school at Washington and Jeff...

Mr. Wes Sheffer

6th Grade Math

I am excited to begin teaching sixth grade math at Springfield Township Middle School! ...

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Mrs. Kimberly Stover


My name is Kim Stover and I am teaching ESL at Springfield Middle School. I received my...

Mr. Christopher Trunk


My name is Chris Trunk and I am a 7th grade math teacher at Springfield Township Middle...

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Ms. Gwen Wano

7th & 8th Science

Before joining the SDST team, I taught in Lesotho, New York City, Japan, Massachusetts ...

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Mr. John Waters

8th Grade Math

My name is John Waters and I am the Chairperson of the Middle School math department. I...

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Mr. Brian Williams

7th Grade Civics, SS & Special Education

I have been working as the Springfield Township Middle school emotional support teacher...