Ms. Erin Bloom


My name is Erin Bloom, and I am the Middle School Librarian. In the past, I have t...

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New Releases

Cover of the book, Heroes, Pearl Harbor. A country attacked. A friendship tested. by Alan Gratz.  cover depicts boats being bombed from above with 2 boys watching


by Alan Gratz

Year Published: 2024

Told with the immediacy, high-stakes action, and inventive storytelling that make Alan Gratz (Refugee,Ground Zero) one of today's biggest authors, this riveting look at the attack on Pearl Harbor explores themes of prejudice, power, and what it truly means to be a hero. (from Scholastic)

Cover of the book, Dreamer, a graphic novel memoir. Growing up black in the world of hockey. by Akim Aliu. Depicts a teenager carrying a red duffle bag and2 hockey sticks, getting ready to board a bus


by Akim Aliu

Year Published: 2023

This honest, engrossing graphic memoir tells the story of professional athlete and activist Akim Aliu's incredible life as a hockey prodigy in Canada. (from Follett)

Cover of the book, The Liars Society by Alyson Gerber. Depicts 3 teenagers waling into the woods, one male and one female looking back.

The Liars Society

by Alyson Gerber

Year Published: 2024

The Inheritance Games and One of Us is Lying for middle grade-- beloved author Alyson Gerber's new series is an unforgettable mystery featuring a secret society, a mysterious island, and dangerous family secrets. (from Follett)

Library Tools

photo of the middle school library. It shows the book shelves on the right and check out area on the left. There is an isle down the middle
photo from the middle school library, of the classroom area. Depicts tables with chairs and a projection area in the back of the photo