Mission & Values

The Middle School program is based on the principles that are advocated by the Association of Middle Level Education. These include a supportive and healthful school climate in which teachers focus upon the needs of the adolescent in transition as a strong corollary to the teaching of rigorous academic content.

The school program is characterized by a warm, but orderly and purposeful environment, in which students are taught the basic organizational skills that lead to early adulthood, as well as a strong emphasis upon the acquisition of solid academic skills in the basic academic disciplines.

STMS Vision Statement

Springfield Township Middle School is a dynamic learning community committed to the unique needs of today's adolescent.  Our vision promotes a safe and welcoming environment that values learning, fosters both critical and creative thinking, and encourages personal responsibility.  We provide students with the tools they need to thrive in the 21st century.

STMS Philosophy

We believe in providing an inspiring learning environment where all students can reach their potential. A dedicated faculty with high expectations, a focus on the academic and affective needs of middle level learners, and the use of differentiated instruction serve as the foundation for student success.