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Mrs. Kieran Brady

Assistant Principal / Athletic Director

Mrs. Brady has been the Assistant Principal / Athletic Director of Springfield Township...

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Mrs. Suzanne Neubeck

Administrative Assistant / Athletic Secretary

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Springfield Township Middle School's Philosophy

We believe that middle school sports are an opportunity for students to grow socially, develop skills, and compete. Athletics can offer students a wide variety of experiences, ranging from learning how to manage winning and losing, how to develop technical and social skills, along with leadership, hard work, and self-discipline. We do try to avoid having team cuts, as we would like to welcome as many athletes as possible onto our teams. There does come a point where safety and supervision dictate that we reduce the number of participants relative to the supervision available. In those cases, tryouts will occur and skill, effort, and technical ability will be assessed. Middle school sports are a place for school spirit, learning, and skill development. We encourage all students to get involved in a school sponsored sport!