Each class is assigned to a counselor. Our goal is to provide every student with comprehensive guidance and counseling that reflects their individual needs while supporting students to achieve their academic and personal goals.

  • 6th grade - Stephanie DeLosSantos
  • 7th grade - Kristen Hayden
  • 8th grade - Cathleen Dougherty

Meet the Counselors

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Ms. Cathleen Dougherty


Hello! My name is Cathleen Dougherty.  For the past twenty-plus years, I have work...

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Mrs. Kristen Hayden

LTS Counselor


Where can I find a referral list for local therapists?

Our school social worker, MaryBeth Seeley, is a fantastic resource for local mental health providers. She works Wednesday and Thursday, and is available by email all week

What if I have a question about my child' s grades?

Your student's classroom teachers are great resources on this subject. In addition to checking HAC (Home Access Center) to keep tabs on your child's grades, you may have further questions about assignments that the subject-area teacher would be able to answer.If after speaking to the teacher you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your child's counselor.

What if my child is applying to private school?

If your child is applying to attend another school and you need a copy of your child's educational records (attendance, transcripts, test scores, etc). Please submit a request to  If you are requesting a letter of recommendation, your counselor can do this, but may not have the same detailed information about your child's educational strengths as a classroom teacher would. Please consider who knows your child the best and will be able to speak to all of the things that make them unique!

Please Note:

All items that need to be mailed to another school from STMS should be sent in with a stamped and addressed envelope.