School and Office Safety Procedures

Following are some of the ways in which we provide a safe and secure environment for students and staff in our schools and offices.  No system or set of procedures is perfect, but we strive to meet and exceed the standards set by Safe Schools within the PA Department of Education, and the guidance of the Springfield Township Police Department.  

We do not release specific details of our safety procedures, as this could jeopardize the security of our students and staff.  All procedures follow the guidance of local law enforcement, Safe Schools, and the recommendations of the Montgomery County Department of Public Safety.

Threat Assessment

Under Act 55 of the Pennsylvania School Code, all districts are required to train and operate a threat assessment team.  The School District of Springfield Township exceeds this mandate and has a trained and accessible threat assessment team in each school building.  This team, comprised of psychologists, counselors, social workers, and administrators, is activated to conduct research-based threat assessments when students threaten an act of violence.  Teams follow district procedures to interview potential threats with the goal of offering supportive services to those students in need.  Supportive services can include referrals for mental health interventions, additional check-ins with school staff, and intervention with law enforcement.  It is important to note that while the threat assessment protocol is not a disciplinary measure, disciplinary consequences may still apply based on code of conduct infractions.