Photo of Mr. Neil DiFranco

Mr. Neil DiFranco

School Board Member

Neil DiFranco was raised in the East Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia. Neil graduated with the 257th class of Central High School and subsequently earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Drexel University. Prior to beginning his real estate career in 2014, Neil spent 11 years in the aerial survey and mapping industry in varied roles including project management, human resources, proposal authoring, equipment configuration, new technology integration, and as a survey pilot.

Neil is active in the Springfield community. He volunteers with the EEHSP and the Springfield Aquatic Club. He serves as a Girl Scout troop leader with the Girl Scouts of Springfield Township and as a board member of the Liberty Swim League. As a resident of Springfield since 2007 with two daughters enrolled in SDST schools, Neil has a vested interest in the township and the school district. Neil knows that an effective public education system is the bedrock of a thriving community. As a school director, Neil is committed to working diligently with the board and administration to strengthen the school system for the advancement of our children and community.