School Based Support & Services

Child and Family Focus provides school-based individual counseling to students within the district.  Services are confidential and take place at school during school hours.  This program is available at all four schools.  Services are provided through medical insurance (Medical assistance and commercial) or self-pay.  If you have questions or would like to find out more please contact your school social worker or school counselor.  

Aldersgate Youth Services Aldersgate Youth Services Bureau provides Student Assistance Programming (SAP). SAP offers school-based support services as well as mental health and drug and alcohol evaluations and screenings.

School-based prevention programming and support services include:

  • Classroom social, emotional, and behavioral education
  • Student mental health and drug and alcohol screening and assessments
  • Short-term individual and group support
  • Teacher/parent consultations
  • Short-term in school individual support
  • Evidenced-based group support for social-emotional and drug alcohol intervention

What is SAP?

Student Assistance Programs (SAP) in Pennsylvania help schools identify students who experience behavioral and/or academic difficulties that pose a barrier to their learning and success in school.  SAP offers assistance to those students through short-term individual and group in-school support. The psycho-educational support offered by the SAP counselor is not treatment and is not intended to replace community-based counseling, therapy or treatment programs.  If your child’s school requests information about these contacts, the Aldersgate Youth Service Bureau (AYSB) counselor may only provide information deemed minimum and necessary for the purpose of planning other school interventions. You have the right to refuse permission for services, and you may withdraw your permission at any time by notifying the AYSB counselor in writing.

For more information contact your school social worker or school counselor.

School Counselor Social Worker Nurse
Enfield Mayra Ramos-Cook
215-233-6080 x4012

Joanne Adar (M/W/F)
215-233-6080 x4057


Angela Hunt
215-233-6080 x4029

Erdenheim Monica Kenyon
215-233-6085 x5013
Emily Duffy
Wendi Ostrow
215-233-6085 x5006
Middle School

Cathleen Dougherty (7th)
215-233-6070 x3017

Stephanie De Los Santos (8th)
215-233-6070 x3004

Elizabeth Silow (Weizman) (6th)
215-233-6070 x3010

MaryBeth Seeley (T/Th)


Zakieh Moussa
215-233-6070 x3005

High School

Elizabeth Barbone
215-233-6030 x2009

Beth McDonnell
215-233-6030 x2007

Bill Shearer
215-233-6030 x2008

Lauren Foster

Stephanie Irani
215-233-6030 x2010