Substituting in the District

The School District of Springfield Township has partnered with Kelly Educational Staffing to recruit, train and provide qualified substitute teachers, aides, nurses and secretaries for the schools. Kelly Educational Staffing employs over 10,000 substitutes and services over 1700 schools in almost 50 states! By working for Kelly Educational Staffing, you will enjoy many benefits including:

  • Pick your own schools and schedule!
  • Flexibility and pre-planning capabilities when accepting and choosing substitute teacher assignments.
  • Access to group medical insurance plans and 401K program.
  • Substitute Teachers $125/day; Substitute Instructional Assistants $15/hour.
  • Do you have a Bachelor's degree? Interested in substitute teaching?  Contact Kelly Services about our Guest Teacher program to obtain emergency certification.
  • Substitute teaching is a great opportunity to be a mentor and help students become the best versions of themselves. School District of Springfield Township partners with Kelly Education, a leading provider of substitute teachers to school districts across the U.S to manage our substitute program. To learn more or apply for substitute teacher positions at School District of Springfield Township, please contact Kelly Education by completing the Inquiry Form below and a recruiter will follow up with you.  Have questions, call 800-991-5157, Option 2.   

  • If you or someone you know interested in a position, please submit the Kelly Education Inquiry Form.

  • Spring brings fresh starts, and what better time to because a substitute teacher!  Kelly Education has done some spring cleaning on their onboarding process to make it easier to navigate and complete. If you have considered joining the Kelly team in the past or thinking about it today, now is the time to connect with Kelly Services!