Paraeducator Credential of Competency

Are you looking to obtain a position as an Instructional Assistant with our School District?  The state requires all Instructional Assistants working with students in special education to have a minimum of 48 or more undergraduate credits or a Credential of Competency.  Below is information about this credential and how to obtain it if you are offered a position with the School District of Springfield Township.

The Credential of Competency for Special Education Paraeducators in Pennsylvania is a completely voluntary program for paraeducators and school districts who wish to participate. The Credential of Competency is one way a special education paraprofessional may reach qualified status as required by Pennsylvania regulations. When a school district has verified a special education paraprofessional’s competence in each of the ten standards outlined in the Competency Assessment Checklist, the Checklist document is submitted to the Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education. Upon review and approval of the submitted documents, the applicant will be issued a Credential of Competency for Special Education Paraeducators in Pennsylvania. Click the link below to download the Credential of Competency Checklist.

1. Online Coursework Required- 10 trainings (2 hours per training) all for FREE via PATTAN
2. Credential of Competency for Special Education Paraeducators Checklist