General Transportation Information

Policies and Procedures

Please remember that transportation is a privilege, not a right. Students who make unwise behavioral choices on a school bus or school vehicle may have their transportation privileges suspended for a period of time.

Students are required to be outside and visible at their bus stop 5 minutes prior to their scheduled pickup time.

Students may ride only the bus to which they have been assigned. Alternate accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our office if alternate arrangements need to be made.

In order to maintain a safe and disciplined transportation environment, the school buses and school vehicles used to transport our students may be equipped with video and audio recording equipment. Recorded media may be reviewed by school officials for disciplinary and security-related purposes. This media may be provided to law enforcement or a court of law, or may be used in school disciplinary proceedings. Students, staff, and chaperones/volunteers should understand that their actions and words may be recorded while they are on school buses or school vehicles and that they should have no expectation of privacy during that time.

Eligibility for Transportation

Public School Families: Students who are eligible for transportation will be automatically assigned to a bus route - no action is needed on your part. Questions regarding eligibility should be directed to our office.

Private/Non-Public/Parochial School Families: Direct, online registration is required to receive transportation to/from the school of your choice, even if you have completed paperwork directly with that school. Please see here for more information and to begin your registration process.

The Transportation Environment

We strive to create the most efficient transportation environment possible while still serving the individual and unique needs of the families that we serve. In working towards this goal, we may require students to be transported by different buses/drivers in the morning versus the afternoon. Students may also be required to transfer from one vehicle to another in the course of a route.

Students attending Springfield Township Middle School and Springfield Township High School should be aware that most buses will drop off only at our high school campus in the morning. Middle school students will need to walk from the high school to the middle school, using our tunnel between the campuses. Additionally, our fleet is split in the afternoon, with some buses picking up only at the high school, and some only at the middle school. Students from both campuses may need to use the tunnel to get to their bus.