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Mrs. Kristen Greenawalt

Visual Arts

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Hello and Welcome!

I have been teaching at Springfield Township High School since 2015 and I truly enjoy being part of such a supportive, talented and driven school.  You will find that the art department is one that encourages and inspires each student to be an individual in their own world of art. 

As an artist, my work reflects my memories and personal experiences.  It ranges from arranged collected objects, to abstract and linear paintings that expose my feelings on the passage of time.  I also really enjoy creative writing and poetry. Within each day, I like to encourage my students to be reflective of their own feelings around the events within their own lives as well as what is happening around the world.

I am the advisor of our school's chapter of the National Art Honor Society.  This is a passionate group of students who use art as a conduit to connect and also help people in our local, national and global communities.  All are welcome! 

My family is very important to me and they help me to be a better teacher. I am an adoring mother to two children, Charlotte and Cameron.  Charlotte is my funny, creative and music-loving five year old who is showing the same beautifully obsessive drawing habits as I did as a child.  At 2 1/2, Cameron is showing his hilarious personality and is a ball of energy that he puts that into climbing, throwing and making some wonderful scribbled drawings.  We really enjoy taking our dog Gracie out for walks, hikes, camping and to the beach.  

Degrees and Certifications:

MA in Art Education

Kutztown University, 2021


BS in Art Education

Kutztown University, 2009

Certified K-12

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High School