Activities Eligibility

Each Monday, STHS runs a report listing all students with failing grades.

From that list, Activity Advisors are notified if they have any participants who are failing a course or courses.

Questions regarding failing courses should always be directed to the teacher of the course. The Activity Advisors do not have any details as to why the grade is below a 65%.

If a student is failing a course, they are designated as a Week 1 Student. This simply signifies this that is the first week they are failing this specific course. This Week 1 designation is purely a warning to notify the student that they are currently carrying a failing grade(s).

In the subsequent week, if any student is carrying the same failing grade in the same class(es), his/her designation changes to a Week 2. Students that fail the same course for two consecutive weeks cannot participate in activities for one week.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the tutoring center to establish good academic standing.

If there is a cost associated with an activity an ineligible student may miss, the decision will be on a case by case basis determined with the administrative team.

The only way to re-establish eligibility is to show up on a Monday report as passing the course(s). Ineligible students will not participate in the activity the entire week from Monday through Saturday.