GAP Year

While attending college right after high school is the route for most students, more and more students are taking a year off from their studies to travel, volunteer, or study abroad. If you are unsure what career you want, or if you need a break from formal education, you may want to look into taking a Gap Year.

Adventures Cross-Country

Offers an educational and cultural bridge between high school and college. The ARCC GAP Semester programs are an opportunity to live, work, learn and explore in some of the greatest classrooms on earth. ARCC GAP Semesters have a rich academic fabric complementing each location. The programs examine five essential themes: Literacy & Education, Public Health, Urbanization & the Movement of Peoples, Environment & Conservation, and Microfinance & Economic Growth. If you are interested in this program you can call 1-800-767-2722.

The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts

The Spring Session is held at our restored Neoclassical facility on the island of Paros, in the heart of the historical market street in the main port village of Paroikia. The Fall Session takes place in both Italy and Greece. This session begins in Italy at our lovely 16th Century Tuscan villa in the hills above Pistoia, 30 kilometers from Florence, and concludes at our facility in Paros. Besides providing an opportunity to study the arts in two celebrated locations, the Aegean Center program also provides an unparalleled and satisfying way to acquire a new and crucial world perspective as well as to broaden and develop a more gratifying sense of self. For more information contact John Pack at 


Offers local and national community service opportunities to individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of others and in the world. AmeriCorps also offers its members a variety of benefits, such as a living allowance, education award, health coverage, loan forbearance and more.

Andeo International Homestays

What makes Andeo's Gap programs stand out is that they are very flexible. They all start with four or more weeks of small-group language classes and a homestay with a local host family. Consider this your 'landing pad'! From there, you can choose your own path. For example, you can continue with university-level courses on indigenous cultures in Peru, explore your artistic talents in Italy, learn how to surf in Spain, live and work on an organic farm in Japan, or get involved with a community service project in Mexico. Programs can be as short as four weeks or as long as a full year and are available year-round. You may also be able to earn college-credit for your time abroad. This program does cost money, but it offers college credits in return!

City Year

Offers its members a variety of benefits which range from educational and living stipends, health insurance and more in exchange for a year-long commitment to transform schools in the United States and Africa. Eligibility: Must be at least 17 to 24 years of age, a high school graduate and willing to dedicate at least 10 months to full-time service.

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

Since 1947, CIEE has been helping young people gain an understanding of the world by providing opportunities to experience life and study in another country. They offer students more in-depth study, work and volunteer opportunities in foreign countries than any other organization in the world. The current programs include: High School Abroad: CIEE high school students live with a host family, attend high school, participate in community activities and experience life in a totally new and different way. Programs are available for individual terms or semesters, or for the full academic year, 13th Year: CIEE's 13th year offers high school graduates an opportunity to learn how students in other countries experience high school. By attending classes with native speakers of the host country and becoming a member of a caring family, students will gain insight into another culture and learn much about themselves in the process and Gap Year: CIEE offers college-bound graduates an opportunity to acquire a broader global perspective, foster independence and gain self-knowledge. This is perfect for students who have deferred college enrollment, or simply need extra time before post-secondary studies. For more information, email: or call: 800-407-8839.

Flying Fish

Everyone is welcome at Flying Fish. We train and recruit over 1000 people each year as yacht skippers, water sports and snow sports instructors. Join us as a complete beginner, or with some experience, we have a program to suit you. Courses range from 1-18 weeks and once qualified, you can take advantage of our free job placement service to get paid to do the sport you love. This will provide you will the opportunity to make money while you are exploring another country! Locations in Australia, United Kingdom, Greece and Canada.


InterExchange offers U.S. citizens the opportunity to embark on the adventure of a lifetime – in 13 countries around the world! Become an au pair, teach English, or hone your Spanish skills in a totally immersive learning environment – whatever you choose, InterExchange offers the expertise and support you need to learn about the world through actually experiencing it.