Mr. Matthew Meyer


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My name is Matt Meyer and I’m very excited to begin another year as the Computer Science Teacher for grades 3-5 at Erdenheim Elementary.  I have begun to call our classes TECH-SPLORATIONS, as we will be exploring the use of both novel and  familiar technologies in some unfamiliar (and probably challenging) times and environments. We’re going to explore a very wide array of technologies, as well as a core set of Digital Citizenship concepts.   This will  help students to grow their technological knowledge and capabilities as they grow into creative problem solvers who can stay safe, confident, and capable in our Tech-Driven world.  So please come explore the ever-expanding universe of Computer Science with us, and  help us to keep building this pretty amazing ship while we are sailing off on some great TECH-SPLORATIONS.  If you’d like more info about our computer science classes, please visit my website and explore, or send me an email with any questions you have.

My educational adventures began as a student in neighboring Cheltenham, and continued when I graduated from Temple University (T for Temple U!).  I then spent five years (with my wife and eldest daughter) teaching and working as a founding Director of Studies in the amazing Kingdom of Cambodia. After returning home, I spent two years as a per diem and long-term substitute teacher in 3 other surrounding Montco districts before landing in Springfield.  In my time as a Spartan educator, I’ve continued to learn and grow immensely with a truly exceptional community of teachers and learners, and I’ve earned my Masters of Ed in Creative Technologies from Gratz College.  I truly value every opportunity I have been given throughout my life, and hope to help my students gain even more opportunities than me.  I LOVE TEACHING and I strive to utilize the totality of who I am as an educator, a parent, and a human, in order to help each of my students grow from the best of who they are.  


Degrees and Certifications

  • B.S. Ed Temple University (Early Childhood & Elementary Education)
  • M. Ed Gratz College (Creative Technologies)
  • PA Certifications:  K-6 Elementary Education 
  • K-12 Business IT

Mail Location

Erdenheim Elementary