Dr. Christina Kemp

School Psychologist

I have been a part of SDST since 2017. My office is located at Erdenheim Elementary School. In my role, I conduct Multi-Disciplinary Evaluations to determine eligibility for special education services, enrichment, and Section 504 Accommodation Plans. In addition, I am part of the school’s crisis team to assist in de-escalating students and supporting teachers. I also conduct risk assessments for students when necessary and work closely with the school social worker, school counselors and mental health professionals in the community. It has also been a pleasure working as part of the Social Emotional Learning committee to help develop and implement a consistent and cohesive SEL curriculum for grades 2-5 delivered to each grade on a daily basis, covering topics such as empathy, respect, listening skills, and accepting differences. One of my goals is to examine data related to equity in education and work with colleagues to further the district's equity initiative. 

I also maintain a private practice in Delaware County, teach workshops for the Institute of Graduate Clinical Psychology (IGCP) at Widener University where I earned my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and serve as a member of the Philadelphia Society for Clinical Psychologists; Pennsylvania Psychological Association; and the National Association of School Psychologists.

My passion has always been to help others and advocate for marginalized groups. This has led to my participation in missions trips both inside and outside of the United States since I was a college student. 

I reside in Delaware County with my husband and two children. 

Mail Location

Erdenheim Elementary