Counseling Services

Developmental Counseling Lessons:

A very important part of our mission is developmental classroom counseling lessons.  During the school year, Mrs. Ramos-Cook meets with all classes for counseling lessons on a bi-weekly basis, alternating between kindergarten and first grade classes. The counseling curriculum encompasses communication and social skills, feelings identification and expression, problem-solving, manners, personal safety, peer refusal skills, and career and character education.  It is during this shared time in the classroom that we hope to build rapport, relationships, and a comfortable level of trust with all students. 

Individual Counseling Services:

Mrs. Ramos-Cook meets individually with students to provide support for family and school-related issues. Students can refer themselves to the counselor or can be referred by parents, teachers, or other school staff.

Group Counseling Services:

Small groups are offered, as needed, for students on the following topics: social skills and play, family issues, self esteem, anger management, conflict resolution, and behavior modification.


Consultation with parents, teachers, administrators, and outside agencies and professionals can always be arranged so that we can work together to support all students and their families. This is accomplished by open discussions, gathering and exchanging information, and providing recommendations.  

CORE Team:

As a CORE Team member, Mrs. Ramos-Cook meets with the principal, school psychologist, teacher, and specialists to discuss academic, social, and behavioral needs of referred students so that beneficial interventions can be planned, coordinated, and delivered to meet the needs of students.

Mrs. Mayra Ramos-Cook


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