Spartan Spotlight

Spartan Spotlight is a regular feature at district School Board meetings.  At each meeting, we invite members of our school community to showcase components of the work happening within our schools and our district.  We then share them with the larger community by posting them on our webpage.

For this year, our Spartan Spotlights have been:

Board Meeting date Topic Presenter
1/5/2021 Support services in the pandemic Dr. Lauren Davis
1/19/2021 Belonging Survey Results Dr. Andre McLaurin
2/2/2021 Virtual Enfield Tour Dr. Catherine VanVooren
2/16/2021 DVCEE Youth Leadership  Mr. Pierre LaRocco
3/2/2021 Library Services in Hybrid  District Librarians
3/16/2021 Unified Athletics & Champion Schools (Polar Pop) Mr. Joe Ferraro
4/6/2021 Student Achievement Dr. Damian Johnston

ERD - service learning

Spartan Spotlight:  Service Learning 4.202

Jill Rosenfeld & Dr. McLaurin

Spring Musical

Marlene Thorton & Students
5/17/2021 K-12 Music

Chuck Gottesman


Springfield Township Middle School Academic and Extracurricular Activities

Girls Lead

Zach Fuller, Jason Pane, Erin Bloom, Natalie Laign