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In light of the recent school closures, we want to be mindful of the fact that there may be children in our district whose families rely on the schools for some if not all of their meals. We therefore are implementing food distribution to any of our families who are in need of this assistance.

Beginning on March 30, this service will be a weekly delivery only.  On Monday, families will receive one week of breakfast and lunch.  If you need this service, please complete this form to be added to our delivery.  

Breakfast items MAY consist of either a cinnamon bun, blueberry muffin, apple bites pastry, OR bagel and cream cheese. In addition, a type of fruit, either canned or whole piece, plus milk will be included. Lunch will include a ham and cheese sandwich (roll up without bread available if gluten-free is necessary), canned or whole fruit or vegetable, bagged chips, and milk. The snack might include Rice Krispy treats, a granola bar, or chocolate chip cookies. ALL items are individually wrapped to avoid cross contamination in the event of allergies, so that children can eat other items in the bag.

All food selections are based on current availability of food items or availability through our food service suppliers. Individual items listed above are subject to change but all meals will meet federal nutritional standards and guidelines.