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Katherine Lewis-Sarsfield

Katherine was raised in metropolitan Los Angeles, California. Her mother was a 2nd grade teacher for 40 years and her father worked for the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. Growing up her parents always held the belief that through education and learning, you grow and become a better, more complete person – and because of this ethic, her two brothers and she all strove for academic excellence.

Katherine attended Bryn Mawr College and was an economic major, focusing on fiscal public policy. After college, Katherine worked for a small not-for-profit on several large initiatives on behalf of the US Department of Justice that focused on providing education and work experience to at-risk youth. She also had the opportunity to work collaboratively with cities ensuring that key stakeholders were represented when tackling large public safety initiatives in urban areas, such as Philadelphia.

During this time, Katherine received her Master’s degree from Temple University in Urban Studies with a concentration on Urban Education. Her Master’s thesis examined three classrooms in Philadelphia schools and asked ‘which of the classes worked best for girls and why?’ At the same time, she volunteered her time on the Springfield Township Planning Commission.

Her next job was Education Director at a nation not-for-profit animal protection organization. She developed, implemented and delivered in-services and workshops and created and marketed materials at national teacher conferences where she spoke to hundreds to teachers.

In 2002, Katherine became a stay-at-home Mom to care for her two sons. Several years later, Katherine ran, and was elected to the School Board. After being on the Board for one year, her time on the school board was shortened by a family emergency. In 2012, Katherine went back to work at the national non-profit animal protection organization where she worked before having children. Katherine is looking forward to being of service once again and working with the current Board to maintain the excellence that Springfield strives for.