Letter from the Superintendent


June, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

While hard to believe, we are at the close of another school year and have celebrated another outstanding graduation event for our seniors, the Class of 2017. I am proud to say that this year, 100% of our senior students received their diploma as official graduates of Springfield Township High School. That is a credit to their families and to their teachers, who have guided and influenced them, encouraged them, and worked with them to shape their academic success and their personal growth. We wish them all well as they move on the college or university of their choice, further vocational education, the military, or the world of work.

This year’s outstanding senior class is off in many directions. Many are attending colleges all over this country, from San Diego State to the University of Miami. In total, our students have been awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars of scholarships, for their academic, athletic, and other talents. This year, many of our students were accepted at some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country, including Princeton University, Georgetown University, George Washington University, Dickinson College, Case Western Reserve University, Skidmore College, and many, many others. Our students make their decision about where to attend college based on many factors, some economic or financial, some as the result of pursuit of a desired program, some due to a desire to remain close to home and family, some were beckoned because of their academic or athletic prowess, and for others, something else that may captured their interest or their attention. Regardless of their reasons, each student who is moving on is prepared to become a well-informed citizen. We wish them all the best of luck!

And now that the school year has passed, we move on throughout the summer months to break ground in our football stadium for the installation of a new artificial turf field, where several athletic teams will have the opportunity to play in future years. During this first phase of our high school construction project, our track will also be completely refurbished, and interior mechanical upgrades to our HVAC system will begin. We will continue to plan for Phase II and Phase III of this project, which within the next two years will include the construction of a new entrance into the high school along with a new parking lot, a new fitness center and trainer’s room, renovations to athletic locker rooms and toilet areas, and a new television studio for coursework in that subject. We will also continue to move forward with planning for the construction of the new K-2 elementary school, to be located at the current site of the Antonelli Institute on Montgomery Avenue in Erdenheim.

So while we bid our fond farewells to our Class of 2017 graduates, and wish our remaining students a safe and relaxing summer, we also look forward to planning for the work that is to come in our next school year, which before we know it, will be upon us. People are often surprised to hear that administrators work throughout the summer months, but the reality is that it is in the summer that we are able to focus and concentrate on the planning for a new school year. When staff return in late August, and students return in early September, it is no accident that student course schedules and bus schedules are in place, staff has been hired and have been trained, and we are ready to roll! We will look forward to once again greeting students for a new school year as the summer flies by!

My best wishes to all of you for a happy summer!

Dr. Nancy Hacker, Superintendent