Gifted Support Screening Criteria

  • All students are screened utilizing several criteria including:
    • Performance in the 90th percentile or higher on a locally normed reasoning abilities assessment (CogAT)
    • Performance in the 95th percentile or higher on nationally and locally normed academic progress assessments (MAP or STAR) in both reading and math
    • Teacher recommendations

    Students who demonstrate strong performance in these criteria may be evaluated to determine if they are eligible for and in need of gifted support services.


Factors Used to Determine Eligibility

  • As part of evaluation teams determining eligibility for Gifted Support, school district psychologists administer psycho-educational assessments to students meeting the above screening criteria to determine their individual strengths and needs.  The individually administered assessments include the following:

    • Determination of a Full Scale Intelligence Quotient (FSIQ) and General Ability Index (GAI)  

    *Note: GAI minimizes the impact of working memory and processing speed often associated with learning disabilities and ADHD.

    • Math Reasoning and Reading Comprehension skills
    • Teacher ratings of gifted characteristics and repetitions to mastery
    • Parent ratings of gifted characteristics

    Following the evaluation, all evaluation team members receive copies of the Gifted Written Report.   If a student is determined to be mentally gifted, the Gifted Multidisciplinary Team is invited to participate in a meeting to develop a Gifted Individual Education Plan (GIEP).  The GIEP outlines gifted services and specially designed instruction that will be provided for the student.  GIEP teams meet annually to discuss student progress.  

Gifted Support Services

  • Students in need of Gifted Support Services are provided with enriched and/or accelerated curricula. Instruction in the core content areas is differentiated by pace, level of instruction, and depth of content. The curriculum is aligned with state and Common Core standards and designed to challenge high ability students to reach their full academic potential.

     In each of our schools, our Gifted Support Services model adjusts with the developmental level of the student and individual student strength-based opportunities are developed through the GIEP team meeting.  

    This year, in second grade, students are engaged in a variety of experiences with the Gifted Support Teacher to evaluate who they are as learners and how they are utilizing strategies in the classroom.  Students participate in push in instruction in their clasrooms and pull out instruction during PASS time.

    This year, in third through fifth grade, in an effort to create consistent services across student schedules and opportunities to create routines, students attend an enriched math course with the Gifted Support Teacher which mirrors the grade level curriculum and offers extentions in a variety of areas.  This course is available for students who qualify through the Gifted Evaluation Process and also students who demonstrate extremely high achievement (typically in the 98th-99th percentile) in mathematics.  See your building principal for questions about the acceleration process. Students in grades 3-5 also receive additional extention opportunities in their general education classrooms and during PASS time.  

    At the Middle School, mathematics courses are divided into two levels.  Since the majority of students with gifted services participate in the advanced math courses, students with gifted support participate in an enriched ELA course in grades six through eight.  In addition to two projects per year which include publication, students self-select from a variety of projects, self-select their own goal in consultation with the gifted support teacher, and work to both replace and enhance assignments offered in a variety of courses.  This enriched course is available for students who qualify through the Gifted Evaluation Process and also students who demonstrate extremely high achievement in ELA (typically in the 98th-99th percentile).  See your building principal for questions about the acceleration process. 

    At the High School level, GIEP goals are developed if students have a need for Specially Designed Instruction that goes beyond the Courses available in the Curriculum Guide.  In many cases, students needs are met through the rigorous AP, Honors, and Elective course offerings.