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  • Good afternoon Erdenheim Families,

    Last Friday, our school participated in Erdenheim’s first ever “James Taylor Diversity Day.”  This event was organized and facilitated by high school students from the Voices of Excellence Club.  Students and parents volunteered to teach about their culture to various student groups. The session began and ended with a very special assembly that captured the importance of embracing and learning about different cultures.  During the assembly, the students were able to view a video by students in honor of the late Jame Taylor who was a teacher at the high school who had a vision for SDST to celebrate diversity. In addition to the video, the students were able to see other performances such as singing and the Spartan Steppers. We would like to send a special thanks to the student members of the Voices of Excellence Club, Mr. Leonard Thompson, Mrs. Fran Miller, Mr. Ken Krauter, Mrs. Clewis, and Mrs. Teresa Mendez- Quigley.

    Balance Experiments with our fabulous Middle Schoolers!!!!

    Also on Friday, 7th graders from Springfield Township Middle School were delighted to visit Erdenheim Elementary 2nd grade scientists to assist with balance and motion experiments.  Together, these scientists built roller coasters, created mobiles, and experimented with balancing various materials together. Many 7th graders visited former teachers or siblings' classrooms, renewing and building connections.  The 7th graders then accompanied the Erdenheim classes to the closing ceremony for diversity day.


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