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Please read the overview and then scroll down to see the selections and note taking guides.

To begin our Language Arts courses, we require each student to read a novel that reflects the thematic content of the course and relates to overarching essential questions. We believe that pre-requisite reading helps to establish a community of learners on the first day.

Please help by making completion of this task non-negotiable. Work with your child to develop a reading schedule, and if possible, to read the selection so that your child has the opportunity to discuss the reading selection with you.

Resource Materials


Visit to learn more about the reading selections. This website provides overviews of novels with attention to potential parental concerns and questions about book selections. Additionally, parents and students can visit the course overviews at the webpage found within the 9-12 Language Arts section of the “Curriculum” tab. These overviews provide further insight into the goals, thematic ideas, and enduring understandings that will inform student learning throughout the duration of the course. Please note that the Language Arts courses are currently under revision and these documents will be updated in the near future.


We recommend that students keep a reading journal and/or a reading guide that they will be permitted to use as a memory aid for the assessment. Teachers have prepared optional reading guides. These guides are available in the guidance office or online in the documents section of the high school webpage.


Students must read before the start of the school year. Teachers will discuss and address the reading during the first few days of the course.


A parent (or guardian) who has an objection to a selection designated for his/her son or daughter should send a letter to the high school principal, explaining the objection and requesting an alternative assignment.

Note Taking Guidelines & Graphic Organizers

Reading Selections

Students Taking AP Courses

AP Language and Composition (Grade 10)
Please email Mrs. Ward at for the summer reading requirements.  

AP Literature and Composition (Grade 12)
Please email Mrs. McCaslin at for the summer reading requirements.