Student Password Reset

Student network and gmail passwords were reset on August 25 th as part of our annual reset before school starts. This guarantees any expired accounts are reactivated, ensuring students have the ability to
access all the districts resources that they may need.

All students grades 9 – 12 must reset their passwords on first login.  To do this, click on the Change Password box on their opening Chromebook screen.  This will take you to  Log in with our network credentials. To retrieve your default password, either refer to the original eblast, or submit a device support form.

You will then be required to change the password.  It is also recommended that you set password recovery at this time.  Instructions can be found here:  .  This site also provides many resources for self-help for student tech issues.

Additionally,  provides self help and ways for students to request tech support for any issues they may be having.