School Hours

  • Regular School Day:      8:55 am - 3:25 pm
    Early Dismissal:             8:55 am - 12:00 pm
    2-Hour Delay:                10:55 am - 3:25 pm

    Day Care is available through Kid View, Inc. Kid View maintains space at both Enfield an Erdenheim Elementary Schools.
    Kid View can be reached at: 215-870-3788 for more information.

Lunch/Recess Times

  • The boys and girls of Enfield are scheduled for a thirty minute recess period followed by a thirty minute lunch period. The schedule is as follows:

Instructional Times

  • Enfield students are instructed in all disciplines including: Reading Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and a Special each day. Students attend Art, Library, Music, Physical Education and Technology one day per week. Afternoon Specials allow us to preserve our literacy block for both kindergarten and first grade in the morning.

    The instructional time allotted for each discipline is as follows: