• (Student Assist Program)
    The middle school CARE team meets weekly to address the mental health or drug/alcohol treatment needs of the student body and its impact on the student's academic success. This program serves as a student assistance program (SAP) for the middle school.
    Who is on the CARE team?
    Jason Pane, Asst. Principal
    Dr. Greg Brasco, School Psychologist
    Judy Smith, School Guidance Counselor (M-Z)
    Laura Delaney, Speech Theraphist
    Elizabeth Silow, School Guidance Counselor (A-L)
    Melissa Eife, Health & PE Teacher
    Megan Rodriguez, RtII Academic Support Teacher
    Brian Williams, Emotional Support Teacher

    What is the CARE Team? 
    The CARE Team is a team of faculty members and support personnel trained to identify and assist high-risk students who may be having difficulty in school due to depression, alcohol and/or drug abuse, or other mental health problems.


    Why Does Springfield Township Middle School Have This Program?
    The primary responsibility of our school is find support for students and families.


    Who Refers Students to the CARE Team?
    A student may be referred by a teacher, parent, counselor, peer, administrator, psychologist, district personnel, nurse, or by self-referral.


    What Happens When A Student is Referred to the CARE Team? 
    Information is gathered concerning academics, discipline, behavior, health, appearance, athletics, attendance, and activities.

    The CARE Team assesses the need for intervention.  Support and referral services are provided according to student need.


    How Can Referrals Be Made?
    Contact any member of the CARE Team at:   (215) 233-6070
    All Referrals Are Strictly Confidential