Green Seeds


    The Green Seeds initiative sprouted last year in the hearts and minds of a handful of parents inspired by the School District's investment in greening our schools. Our hope is to further reduce Enfield and Erdenheim's environmental footprint while providing opportunities for student education, engagement and guidance to empower them to be stewards of their environment.

    If you are interested in joining us or in learning more, please contact:

    Theresa Cohen

    Stacey Blankin



    Our first initiative for 2011-2012 will focus on the classroom—helping students understand what a "green school" is and what sorts of things they can do to help make our schools even greener. To start planting the seeds, we hope to improve our recycling efforts.

    We are planning to install two green and yellow Paper Retriever bins—one at Enfield and one at Erdenheim. These are strictly for paper and open to the entire community to use. The paper will be recycled and in return, the schools will receive revenue for other programs.