District Mission

  • Educate and develop all students as learners and citizens who are high-achieving, resilient and responsible in a changing global community.

School Vision

  • The Springfield Township Middle School vision is based on the principles advocated by the Association for Middle Level Education, or AMLE. These include a supportive and healthy school climate where teachers focus on the needs of adolescents in transition as a strong corollary to the teaching of solid academic content. The school program is characterized by a warm, orderly, purposeful environment where students are taught organizational skills with an emphasis on the acquisition of solid academic skills in all disciplines. 


  • We believe in providing an inspiring learning environment where all students reach their potential. A dedicated faculty with high expectations, a focus on the academic and affective needs of middle level learners, and the use of differentiated instruction serve as the foundation for student success.

Exit Outcomes & Goals

    • Students will demonstrate progress in knowledge and skills as prescribed by core curriculum and state standards. 
    • Students will demonstrate adherence to the Middle School student code of conduct leading to the development of upstanding citizens and leaders of tomorrow. 
    • Students will demonstrate the skills necessary to be independent, self-directed, and productive learners.