District Mission

  • Educate and develop all students as learners and citizens who are high-achieving, resilient and responsible in a changing global community.

School Vision

  • Springfield Township High School, a small, diverse, evolving community, nurtures integrity and respect as it empowers students through a safe school culture and pursues excellence through academic rigor, engaged learning, and professional growth.

School Colors

  • Navy Blue and Steel

School Mascot

  • The Spartan

District Seal

  • Symbols of Knowledge, Scholarship, Athletics and Victory

The History of Spartan Pride

  • Sparta was a Greek city state that rose to military power in the Seventh Century BCE. Spartans dedicated themselves to excellence on the battlefield through unflinching commitment and rigorous training. Perhaps the most legendary battle fought by the Spartans was the last stand at Thermopylae during which King Leonidas and 300 highly-trained warriors held a mountain pass against the invading Persian army. According to Plutarch, Xerxes the Great, leader of the Persians, wrote to King Leonidas, “Hand over your arms.” Leonidas replied, “Come and take them.” The 300 Spartans repelled 150,000 Persians for seven days inflicting massive casualties on the invaders. Though the battle ended in defeat for the Spartans, their loyalty, dedication, and pride is legendary. Students stay true to these values today; their efforts in the classroom, on fields, in the community, and on the stage make STHS proud.

High School Alma Mater

  • Here now today, we pause to pray Springfield, that long and fair thy days may be! 
    So in this way, we tribute pay And pledge our hearts forevermore to thee. 
    Truth we pursue with help of thy hand Honor we gain through the might of our stand. 
    Forward today, proudly, we say, Springfield will carry on to victory. 

    E.P. Geirsch