Grading Procedures

  • Report cards are issued to students four times a year, at the end of each marking period as listed on the district calendar.

    90-100 = A
    87-89 = B+
    80-86 = B
    77-79 = C+
    70-76 = C
    65 – 69 = D
    Below 65 = F

    Paper Interim Progress Reports will be issued one week following the midpoint of each marking period. Parents should check Home Access Center regularly for updated grades. At the end of each semester, the administration will establish a final exam schedule. Students in English, math, social studies, science, and world languages will take exams according to the schedule, and the final exam will constitute 20% of the final grade.  The first and second marking periods of a course will each constitute 40% of a student’s final grade. Some classes run for the entire year, and students may be required to take mid-term exams. For full year courses, each marking period will constitute 20% of the final grade. The midterm will account for 8% of the first semester grade and the final exam will account for 12% of the second semester grade. 

    In grades 9 through 12, grade point averages are calculated at the end of each year according to the following values: