• All school rules, including dress code, are applied at all school dances. Students must be in school for at least ½ day (11:15-2:45pm) to participate in evening dances. Students who are absent due to illness on the day of the dance may not attend; students who have been absent for other excused reasons will be granted permission to attend at the sole discretion of the principal. 

Dance Guest Procedures

  • Students must request approval to bring a guest to a school dance. Guests to a dance must be of high school age. Springfield students must complete a permission slip available on the high school webpage with the following information: 

    1. Guest’s name, address, phone number, age, and current high school
    2. Parent/Guardian permission for both students (Springfield and guest)
    3. Assistant principal/principal approval from sending school
    4. STHS administrative approval

Breathalyzer Procedures

  • To ensure the health and safety of attendees, all students and guests may be breathalyzed by a high school administrator for the presence of alcohol prior to entering a school dance.