Athletic Eligibility

  • Springfield Township Schools offer a varied athletic program as members of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) and is in District One. Springfield competes as a member of the Suburban One League. 

    Please visit the website for sports schedules. 

    To be eligible to compete in PIAA interscholastic sports, a student must:

    • pursue a full-time curriculum defined and approved by the Principal. 
    • be passing at least four full-credit subjects, or the equivalent, as of each Friday during a grading period. Failing to meet this requirement, a student will lose eligibility from Sunday through the Saturday of the following week. 
    • have passed at least four full-credit subjects or the equivalent during the previous grading period. If a student fails to meet this requirement, the student will lose eligibility for 15 school days of the next grading period, beginning on the first day that report cards are issued. Since there are four grading periods, students will be ineligible for at least 15 school days. 

    During ineligibility, 

    • students may not practice during the period of ineligibility and are instead encouraged to sign up for after school library, conference with teachers or attend homework club. 
    • students will not be permitted to participate in any team-related activity sponsored by the School District of Springfield Township including competitions, traveling with the team, or any athletic activity. 

    To participate in athletics, 

    • Students must submit a certificate of consent signed by his/her parent or guardian, be examined by a licensed physician to complete the PIAA forms.
    • students must have an ImPact baseline test on file.

Athletics & Activity Attendance Regulations

  • In order to participate in extracurricular activities, events, or athletics,

    • a student must be present at least ½ of the school day with a valid excuse OR 
    • a student must not miss more than 90 minutes of the day unexcused OR
    • a student must have prior absence approval from the principal in an extenuating circumstance

    Furthermore, if a student is chronically or excessively late or absent from school, the principal shall evaluate each situation and determine the student's eligibility to participate in any extracurricular activity. The district reserves the right to require a physician's excuse to validate any period of absence. The principal shall have the final decision on eligibility for extracurricular activities, events, and athletics.

PIAA Bylaw Article III-3: How Attendance Affects Eligibility

  • A student who has been absent from school during a semester for a total of twenty (20) or more school days, is ineligible to participate in an Inter-School Practice, Scrimmage, or Contest until the student has been in attendance for a total of forty-five (45) school days following the student’s twentieth (20th) day of absence. 


  • Cheerleading 
    Cross Country 
    Boys' Soccer 
    Girls’ Soccer 
    Girls' Field Hockey 
    Girls' Tennis
    Water Polo


  • Cheerleading 
    Boys' Basketball 
    Girls' Basketball 
    Boys' Swimming 
    Girls' Swimming 
    Unified Bocce*
    Winter Track 
    *anticipated ‘19-20


  • Boys' Lacrosse 
    Girls' Lacrosse 
    Boys' Tennis 
    Track & Field 
    Unified Track