Field Trip Chaperone Guidelines

  • We appreciate the time and effort that you offer to chaperone our students on their field trips, which are important educational, social, and cultural experiences. To insure that you and the children enjoy a safe and successful field trip experience the following guidelines are to be followed. Thank you! 


    Chaperones' Responsibilities: 

    • Inform the nurse if you have a chronic medical condition or if you take medications in case of emergency. 
    • Follow all procedures of the trip as outlined by the teacher(s). 
    • Know the itinerary and follow it closely. No detours or side trips. 
    • Clarify your expectations to all students about their compliance with all rules of behavior. Report mishaps or misbehavior to the teacher 
    • Follow role-model behavior (i.e. refrain from smoking, using profanity, dress appropriately)
    • Refer to the list of your students and know their medical needs. Report to the nurse any medical questions or problems, as soon as possible, and make sure children go to the nurse to receive medications on time. 
    • Make sure you take a roll call of the children before you leave any place and before the bus leaves. 
    • Do not use cell phones, except for an emergency as this distracts you from the supervision of the children in your care. 
    • Please note - refunds cannot be made for any chaperone or student who does not go on a field trip. Field trips are pre-paid.  
    • For elementary aged students, stay with the students at all times, escort them to the bathrooms and wait for them either outside or inside the washroom. If you do not enter the washroom, have a planned secret code to use. For example, if the child seems to be taking too long, open the door of the washroom and say in a loud voice "Happy" and instruct the child to say, "Birthday", or some other code. If the child does not respond, go into the washroom after the child, or call for help.