Electronic Devices

  • In grades K-8, students are required to keep all cell phones, e-readers, tablets, smart watches, and digital music devices silenced and in the student lockers or cubbies during the school day.   At the high school, students are permitted to carry their cell phones on their person, kept out of sight during classes, unless requested by the teacher for a specific academic purpose.  

    In all grades, it is highly suggested to label equipment with the child’s name and enable password protection in the event it is lost.   Please refer to the code of conduct in your child’s school for consequences assigned for cell phone usage during the school day. Electronic devices may be permitted in certain classes, activities, or Spartan Blocks at the discretion of the teacher. Students are required to return their equipment to the appropriate location at the close of the activity.  When personal devices are used with teacher permission, students are held accountable to the Acceptable Use Policy and related Administrative Regulations. In addition, students are not permitted to take photos or videos during the school day with their personal devices.  Students are not permitted to wear earbuds or headphones in class or during passing time in the hallways.  

    The school is not responsible for personal electronic items that are stolen, damaged, or lost. 


Contacting Your Child During the Day

  • Please encourage your child to ask a teacher if s/he needs to use the telephone. Also, if you need to speak with your child, please call the main office; do not call your child during the school day on his/her cell phone.  

    In grades K-8, we understand and respect your wishes to send reminders via text to your child. Please do so knowing that students will not be able to read/respond until after the school day is over. At the high school, students are able to check messages during lunch and between classes.