COVID-19 Health Office Information

The COVID-19 Daily Screening Tool is to be used by families to assess whether or not your child is healthy and ready to come to school.  The tool is to be used each day and prior to coming to school for evening and weekend events.

If your child is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, you will be expected to keep them home according to the Montgomery County Office of Public Health’s

If your child complains of symptoms consistent with COVID-19 while in school, they will be isolated until parents/guardians arrive.  Please make sure your emergency contact information at school is up to date and have someone available who is able to pick your child up within 30 minutes.

Contact tracing is performed when an individual who tests positive for COVID-19 has been in school physically in person during the period of infection for learning or extra-curricular activities.  The period of infection starts 48 hours before the start of symptoms or a positive test (whichever is earlier).  Close contacts are determined according to Montgomery County of Public Health guidelines. Parents will be notified if their children are identified as close contacts.  Close contacts are expected to quarantine per the Montgomery County School Exclusion Guide.