Superintendent's Message

April 27, 2021

Dear Erdenheim and Enfield Families,

This email is intended to provide an update on COVID cases at our elementary schools in the past week.  We currently have four cases at Enfield and three cases at Erdenheim.  This is in addition to four cases across the two buildings of children who were at home when they became symptomatic and therefore were not contagious at school.  Thus, we currently have eleven known cases of COVID-19 among our two elementary schools, all of whom are children.  

Our health team, which consists of our school nurses, Director of Support Services, Director of Human Resources/Pandemic Liaison, and I have met today with the Montgomery County Office of Public Health (MCOPH) to investigate, review, and analyze these cases to determine any potential linkage.  Following the MCOPH guidelines, we have contact traced and quarantined over 70 students across the two buildings and transportation.  We will continue to evaluate our bus routes and work to balance enrollment on our buses as feasible.  We ask that families reinforce the importance of mask compliance on our buses, and that children keep windows open on the buses to support ventilation.

At this time, and after consultation with MCOPH, one classroom at Enfield is being moved to virtual learning to allow for quarantining. We are hopeful that further movement of classes, grades, or whole schools to virtual learning will not be necessary, provided cases do not continue to climb, which will require us all to work together.  I am asking your assistance in minimizing any further spread of the virus by strictly adhering to mitigation measures we know are successful.  These include screening your child every day, keeping your child home if any symptoms exist, maintaining mask compliance in public spaces, and avoiding large social gatherings.  

Our health team is working hard to contact trace in a timely manner, and our staff is diligently following all mitigation measures in our schools and buses.  With your assistance at home and in the community, we can continue to offer our students four days of in-person instruction.  Should you have any questions, please contact your building principal or school nurse.

Thank you,

MaryJo Yannacone, Ed.D.