SDST Health and Safety Plan Update, March 11, 2022

SDST Health and Safety Plan Update, March 11, 2022

Dear SDST Staff and Families,

As you know, last Monday was our first day in a mask optional setting, and our first two weeks have gone very well.  Our website dashboard reflects the guidance released by the CDC on February 25th, which has now been adopted by our state and county health departments.  The changes signal the move from a focus on prevention of transmission to prevention of medically significant disease and healthcare strain.  

Today we celebrated a Spartan Day of Gratitude to mark the two-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is a cause for celebration that as a country and community we have reached a point where we are experiencing lower hospitalization rates and lower transmission.   I have drafted a revised SDST Health and Safety Plan to incorporate the new guidance, and the proposed plan will be voted on by the school board on Tuesday evening.  

In our schools and offices we will continue to follow CDC guidance and to consult with the county office of public health as needed on contact tracing, isolation and quarantine guidelines.  Key elements of our revised plan include:

  • Mask optional in all offices and schools for everyone when Covid-19 community levels are Low or Medium, as defined by the CDC; universal masking in all offices and schools for everyone when Covid-19 community level is High, as defined by the CDC
  • Continued emphasis on hygiene, sanitization, ventilation, as recommended
  • Maintenance of 3 feet of social distance for seating, where feasible
  • Return of all K-8 students to lunchtime seating in the cafeteria on March 16th
  • Continued use of contact tracing as directed by the office of public health

Use of mask-to-stay for asymptomatic close contacts, which allows students and staff identified as close contacts to a positive case who do not have symptoms of infection to remain in school with correct masking for ten days following exposure

Continued notice of case counts on our dashboard

Thank you for your continued support of mitigation efforts to maximize the health and safety of our students, staff and families.


MaryJo Yannacone, Ed.D.